Your First Judo Practice

Our goal is to make signing up for judo practice at Budokan Dojo as simple and smooth as possible.  There are two steps.

First, please provide us proof of membership in one of the judo associations (this is for insurance and liability).  Proof of membership can be shared with us below, upload and then click submit.  If you do not have membership, please purchase one at, then upload it.

Judo Card

Second, please go to our Budokan members area (link below) and sign-up for a Dojo membership.

Once you have completed sign-up you can join us for practice.


Detailed directions for trial/membership sign-up are below.

Go to and select login (see screenshot below). 

For mobile users:

  • You will be asked to download and use the MyStudio app. This is the recommended option for the best experience.
  • In the MyStudio app, tap on I’m a new user and enter the studio code 98144.
  • Follow the same instructions as below to create your account and start using the app.

For web users:

  • Continue with the rest of the instructions below.


Create Account

For new adult students, please click Memberships. 


Select your desired Membership and follow the instructions


Budokan Dojo

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Seattle, WA 98144

Contact Us

Please ask us any questions you may have


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