Friday open mat and pizza time with Sensei Nick Delpopolo (nickforgold)! Come over for a workout and social time with the 2x Olympian!

Get some calories to show up strong and fresh the next morning (September 30) for Sensei Nick`s seminar at 10 am! Book at

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Updated info on “shiai” practice with WJA

ATTENTION, senior division judo players: Don`t miss your chance to learn from a 2x Olympian, Sensei Nick Delpopolo (nickforgold). We are rescheduling the Shiai practice event in favor of the open seminar, followed by rounds of randori.

Please sign a waiver at and book the event at Learn more about Sensei Nick`s visit at

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Judo starts with the basics. Join Philbert’s awesome ukemi practice and build a solid foundation for your Judo. #JudoBasics #UkemiMatters

Excited for our Judo Shiai practice session with 2x Olympian Sensei Nick Delpopolo! 🥋 Don`t miss this chance to sharpen your skills and learn from the best. Save the date!

🗓️ Date: 9/30/23
🕒 Time: 10am
📍 Location: Kirkland (WJA)

#JudoShiai #SenseiNickDelpopolo #TrainWithTheBest 🥷

Adult players, don’t miss the open Judo Shiai practice on September 30 at 10 am at Washington Judo Academy. This event will feature 2x Olympian Sensei Nick Delpopolo (nickforgold) as an honored guest.

Sensei Nick will provide feedback and coaching to the lucky players. Don’t miss your chance to be coached by Sensei Nick and experience Judo randori with competition rules in a friendly, supportive environment.

White belts are welcome to join!

Learn more:

Also, don`t forget to register for the Rainier Cup, where you will meet Sensei Nick as well:

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🚨 New merch alert! 🚨 Our brand new fall merchandise is out now!!! We’re taking orders until October 7 – if you want as clean of a kata guruma as @kaiya.boni, order through the link in our bio. *We will also have an order sheet in the dojo

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Nick Irabli, from the Jason Morris Judo Center, is now joining us at his new home dojo. Here he is showing a technique from the ‘key-lock series’ that he picked up from his time training with Jason Morris.

Mark your calendar! Sensei Nick Delpopolo will be visiting the PNW from Sep 28 to Oct 8. Don`t miss the opportunity to learn from a 2x USA Judo Olympian and 11x World Team Member.

Offering private lessons, seminars, and classes – learn more and book your session at 🔗

Sensei Nick will also attend the practice Shiai class on Sep 30 at 10 am, which is open to all adult players.

Additionally, don`t forget to register for the Rainier Cup on October 7th, where you will meet Sensei Nick as well.

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Congrats to Budokan’s Jayne Loo for the Bronze at the 2023 Pan Am IJf Juniors ! 🥋🔥🥉

BJJ and judo black belt Sensei Ferdinand Mercado shows a slick pass into north/south and submission. 🥋❤️ #budokanadults #judo #BJJ #gotopractice

The 2023 Becerra Judo Challenge is happening this Saturday, September 16th at the NTX Training Center in Plano, Texas.

This is a great opportunity for judoka of all ages and skill levels to compete and test their skills.

Registration closes today, so don`t miss out!


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Competition practice. All welcome. 9.30.23 10am, Kirkland.

Don’t miss our 4th Shiai practice event with WAJudo, Sat Sep 30th 10am. Simulated competition matches. White belts welcome. Elevate your skills and have a blast! See you there!

Mark your calendar for September 30, 2023. Join us for the open Shiai practice – Judo matches with competition rules in a friendly, supportive environment. Bring along other players from your club. White belts are welcome. It`s a great chance to test your skills just before the Rainier Cup.

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Thrilled to have 3x Olympian (92, 96, and 2000) and Budokan alum Sandy Bacher at practice. #judolife #olympian

Sensei Furuya’s beautiful seoi technique

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