Judo is widely regarded as one of the best grappling martial arts. There are many reasons to train judo.​

    1. Focus on throws (tachiwaza): Tachiwaza is a term used in Japanese martial arts, particularly in Judo, to refer to standing techniques. It involves various techniques and strategies used to take down or throw an opponent, such as hip throws, foot sweeps, and shoulder throws. Judo places a strong emphasis on throws, which can be an effective way to take down an opponent in a self-defense situation or a grappling competition. Judo throws are designed to use an opponent’s momentum and leverage against them, making them a powerful and efficient way to take control of a fight.
    2. Focus on ground fighting (newaza). Newaza is a term used in Japanese martial arts, particularly in Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, to refer to ground grappling techniques. It involves various techniques and strategies used to control and submit an opponent while on the ground. In Judo, newaza is an essential part of the art, and it is typically practiced after tachi-waza (standing techniques) have been executed successfully
    3. Training methodology: Judo training often focuses on live sparring, which allows practitioners to test their techniques in a realistic environment. This can help practitioners develop their timing, reflexes, and ability to read and react to their opponent’s movements.
    4. Emphasis on control and submission: Judo also places a strong emphasis on controlling an opponent and submitting them with joint locks or chokes. This can be useful in both self-defense situations and grappling competitions.
    5. Physical conditioning: Judo training can provide a full-body workout that improves strength, endurance, and flexibility. Practitioners also develop balance, coordination, and agility through the practice of throws and other techniques.
    6. Sport competition: Judo is an Olympic sport, and there are many regional, national and international competitions where practitioners can test their skills against other skilled grapplers. This can provide motivation for practitioners to train harder and improve their skills.
    7. Fun: Judo is a great way to get away from the stress that you face daily.

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