3x Olympian Sandra Bacher-Fakaosi visits Budokan

Sandra Bacher-Fakaosi and her daughter Elini Fakaosi visited Budokan’s adult judo practice July 13th. Sandy is one of the most accomplished judoka (and wrestlers) from the Pacific Northwest, competing in 3 Olympics, and multiple international judo events. Sandy also competed in wrestling, and medaled in several international wrestling competitions. Sandy was very giving with her time and answered many judo questions for us. Sandy mentioned Budokan as having helped with her career, and she specifically credited sensei Bert Mackey for his coaching. Sandy’s daughter Elini Fakaosi is an accomplished wrestler in her own right, and is currently wrestling for Simon Frasier University. We quickly found a judogi for Elini, and she gave several of our judo players all they could handle. Welcome home Sandy and Elini, we hope to see you again soon ! Read more about Sandy’s great career in the wiki link below.


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